—limited LP edition of transparent 12″ dubplates + essay by Marc Schwegler on booklet + digital

Resident Advisor: “[Side A is] Eighteen mesmerizing minutes […]”
A Closer Listen: “A joyous explosion of beats and taps that makes one exclaim, “Where can I get one of these?!!””
Zweikommasieben: “The amalgamation of those musical practices coming from different corners of the world resulted in a seemingly holistic sound ecology.”
Tiny Mixtapes: “Taeggi allows the piano to be freakish performer rather than a performative space.”



BATCH 0006 (SM-LL)

—limited EP edition of 20 transparent 12″ dubplates + digital

Stray Landings: “The world Taeggi represents is still yet to come”




—12″ vinyl lp + digital

Boomkat: “By-passing trends in favour of something purer, Taeggi has just pulled out a vital addition to this year’s wave of modular experiments, finding a killer balance of percussive gratification and spaced-out headiness.”
Norman Records: “Rather than synth odysseys, he’s kept Mama Matrix Most Mysterious minimal and strictly rhythmic, making for a simmering brew of terse clicks and timbres. Sweet.”
Bleep: “[…] a startling exercise in brittle dynamics”