Quotes for “Zimnì Král” (SM-LL)
Boomkat : “This demonstration still feels uniquely fresh, crisp and spacious, sloshing in myriad syncopated permutations with a focussed, entrancing intricacy that one doesn’t hear every day.”
Self-Ttitled : “Clicks and cuts at its most creative, with a mesmerizing and melodic backbone”
Sentire Ascoltare : “Taeggi non si atteggia a saccente smanettone con smanie knobanistiche, ma si pone con rispetto e misura all’ascolto, pronto a selezionare le più promettenti scintille elettriche sprigionate, dando loro un corpo, uno spazio, un ruolo”
Gonzo Circus (printed) : “Hij plaatst ze op een speelvlak, zoals een choreograaf dat met zijn dansers zou doen, en brengt ze vervolgens in beweging”. [Download full interview in Dutch]
Clot Magazine: “The sculptural potential of the sonic” (interview)

Quotes for “Noméri—Tere” (Präsens Editionen)
Resident Advisor: “Eighteen mesmerising minutes of sounds you didn’t know a piano could make.”
A Closer Listen: “A joyous explosion of beats and taps that makes one exclaim, “Where can I get one of these?!!””
Zweikommasieben: “The amalgamation of those musical practices coming from different corners of the world resulted in a seemingly holistic sound ecology.”

Quotes for “Batch 0006” (SM-LL)
Stray Landings : “The world Taeggi represents is still yet to come”
> Read interview on Stray Landings

Quotes for “Miccaotli” (Opal Tapes)
Norman Records : “I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve played this extended 6-track EP – it’s bloody great. Bursting with intricate, clattering metallic percussion at its core and embellished with superb futuristic sound design, and nervous, flickering melodies.”

Quotes for “Mama Matrix Most Mysterious” (Type)
Boomkat : “By-passing trends in favour of something purer, Taeggi has just pulled out a vital addition to this year’s wave of modular experiments, finding a killer balance of percussive gratification and spaced-out headiness.”
Norman Records : “Rather than synth odysseys, he’s kept Mama Matrix Most Mysterious minimal and strictly rhythmic, making for a simmering brew of terse clicks and timbres. Sweet.”
Bleep : “[…] a startling exercise in brittle dynamics”
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Quotes for “AUM” (Opal Tapes)
Boomkat : “Crushing and sublimating ambient and industrial techno structures into spectral topographies”
Norman Records : “To be fair, this is overall a sonically arresting and panoramically stunning record”
Forced Exposure : “Aum is a special record from a special musician and presents a modern take on cinema for the ear”
Bleep : “As Gondwana he now goes solo with a debut that pushes his work into even more abstract spheres, deconstructing the architecture of song form”
>Features :
FACT : Gondwana’s “Binaural Beats” was featured on Shapednoise’s mix for FACT
Boiler Room : Gondwana’s “The invisible Prison” was included in the “Upfront” end of the year mix, curated by Michail Stangl aka Opium Hum